Friday, October 13, 2017

REVIEW: Todd Anderson-Kunert - Almost There 

A review of Australian sound-artist Todd Anderson-Kunert's piece made from musical vibrators and the moaning of people who listened to them with bodyparts other than their ears.  A fascinating idea, perfectly performed, that brings to mind a world of ponderings.  Reviewed for Heathen Harvest and tenderly edited by Sage Weatherford.

"On one hand, there’s the ear experience, but I found myself constantly re-evaluating the quality of the music in terms of how the vibrations themselves, divorced from the hearing of them, might feel when applied to very different organs. A high tone might be painful, but transferred away from the act of hearing has entirely different qualities; a low tone might sound ominous, but feel amazing. Given that this piece was created with the physical feelings in mind, rather than simply to be heard, it kind of has to be judged in a different way to a regular musical release. But, of course, at the same time, it has been released as a musical release to be listened to, and not as a series of specialised art dildos to be felt..."

Read the review here:


Sunday, October 8, 2017

NEWS: Three more wins for 'Bruce'!

Me, Wok and Tony, pre-awards... we're all smiling now!

Can you believe it?  The International Academy of Web Television had a little awards do, and we came away with three victories in all three of the categories we were nominated for:
Best Direction (Comedy), Best Writing (Comedy) and Best Comedy!  Woohoo!

Feast your eyes on the glory here!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

NEWS: I'll be part of a panel for the Digital Writers' Festival!

"What is it that makes web series the perfect format for pushing boundaries? How do you construct a serial that sticks? And what challenges do writers face working for a digital audience? Three award-winning digital writers discuss their writing practice and production process, as well as exploring the best serial content pushing boundaries today."

And I'm one of them! I'll be talking about my experiences with Bruce, what other webseries I'm enjoying, and what I think the future holds for webseries in general.  The answers to those last two questions are "I don't know any other webseries" and "I've got no idea, I don't even know what the present holds, sorry, you're really asking the wrong guy".  But hopefully I can still bring something to the discussion, even if it's only mild good-naturedness and slightly-bumbling-but-loveable ineptitude.


At least you can listen to other panelists, Hayley Adams and Julie Kalceff, who are far more qualified than I to educate and inspire, and probably have very good answers to those questions, which will no doubt be told in an entertaining fashion, with a minumum of stumbling and stammering and awkward tangents (unlike my own).  So it's probably still worth tuning in for.

Click this link on Thursday the 2nd, 7pm AEDT, to be a part of this futuristic cyber-happening, all beaming in live from the Supermation Infohighway...

Writing Web Series: Serial Showcase